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Talks et similia

- LINNC, Paris 2018 [event]
- HPC@Sheffield 2018 [event][slides] T
- MEC434 - Arterial Haemodynamics, The University of Sheffield 2018 [lecture 1][lecture 2]
- Virtual Humans [watch]
- VPH Institute Webinar series, 2018 [watch]
- INSIGNEO Showcase, Sheffield 2017 [poster]
- CURE meeting, Sheffield 2016 [slides]
- Quantifying uncertainty in multiscale models for biomedical applications, Sheffield 2017 [slides]
- MultiSim Modelathon - Challenge 3: Cardiovascular Application [event]
- Workshop on Computationally Efficient Modelling & Simulation and its Applications, Sheffield 2016 [slides]
- Stenosis and aneurysms non-invasive detection through inverse pulse wave analysis, Doctoral Academy Conference, 2016
- A 1D vascular model of cerebral vasospasm, Hopital Bretonnau, Tours, FR, 12th May 2016
- INSIGNEO Showcase, Sheffield 2016 [poster]
- CURE meeting, Sheffield 2016 [slides]
- An engineering approach towards a more discrete and efficient drainage tube design, IMechE Conference, London 2015
- CMBE, Cachan 2015 [slides]
- MechEng Poster competition, Sheffield 2015 [poster]
- CISTIB meeting, Sheffield 2014 [slides]