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- cookgpt: let GPT generate a recipe for you (Python/Streamlit)
- mijoui: prompting UI for Midjourney (Python/Streamlit)
- sd-webui-ar: A1111 Stable Diffusion webui aspect ratio selector (Python)
- openBF: 1D blood flow MUSCL based solver (Julia)
- openBF-db: Virtual population haemodynamics (Python)
- Bobby.jl: a mediocre chess moves validator (Julia)

- monstruocity: YOLO training and benchmarking (Python)
- datamancer: coffee sugar data magic. YOLO data handling (Python)
- freneticity: make counting fun again. Manual counting tool (C++)
- datastudio: basically Pixar (Python/Blender)
- hydranet: skewers and footprints. 3d pose (Python/GO)
- beehive. Small footprint image classifier (Python)
- plato. annotation tool (Python)